Saturday, 30 June 2012


Hey Kstew's!

So Monica one of the sweetest girls over in the Kristen Stewart Collective Facebook asked me if I could find the hoodie that Kris wore in Adventureland.

Now I didn't really want to introduce character clothing in here only items Kris wears in day to day life or special shoots, but I managed to find a pretty good replica of the green sleeveless hoodie do I thought I'd share it with you beautiful people!

So here's the link to the hoodie, let me know what you think!

Pics below include movie still of Em wearing it and the one I found :)

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Grey Tank Anyone?

Hey Kstew's!

I'm back with another find for you, recently our girl has been wearing a grey deep cut tank (think back to cute times in Aussie) she wore a Victoria Secret black basic bra which I'll pic down below, but the reason I called you here is for the tank!

An awesome gem of a site called
Http:// has the tank!

It's not the cheapest and if your cool without having the exact style then a normal basic grey target type tank will suffice but if you love the real deal here it is!

Pics below : bra first then Kris wearing the tank.

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Until next time!

Friday, 29 June 2012

A Weird But Interesting Find?

Hey Guys!

So I'm sure all of your angel faces would have seen our girls new Ad for Balenciaga now what you may not have noticed is the shoes she has on (I know the dress is rather distracting, I'll forgive you). Kris is wearing Balenciaga Fall 2012 Cut Out boots now they're quite an acquired taste but if your into cut out shoes and a bit of edge these are your boots! As with anything that's remotely worth having they come with another kick in the face price tag at $1275! Like the Balenciaga motorcycle jacket I'm sure if you spotted these babies your heavily depressed by now.

Don't cry into your KStew closet yet guys I did manage to find a pretty good replica that suffices really well with only a fraction of the price tag!

I know, I know it's not the same but until then these are hopefully your new friends

Below you'll find the Balenciaga's & The inspired ones, enjoy! (real ones first, inspired on the bottom)

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An Easy Find!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for sticking around...that's if you're still here!

So Kristen loves her vans we all know this right?! So she has a pair of the white and black checkered Vans which if it springs to mind the exact pair she wore to her Hand & Footprint ceremony! These seem to be one of the only finds that are 'Classic' and you can pretty much get your hands on at all times!.

Here's a link for a rather cheap pair:

And Here's a pic of the gorgeous KStew wearing them :)


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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Balenciaga?! The Holy Grail!

Ok Deep breath KStew's I have a treat for you!

As you know lately Kristen had been sporting a beautiful and super expensive Black Balenciaga Motorcycle jacket that comes with a sign your bank balance away price tag coming in at just a little over $3,000!

Pocket change right?!

Ok here's what I imagine a lot have you have been waiting for .... A Replica!

Feast Your Eyes,

Here's the original below and as you can see the replica is pretty damn spiffy if I do say so myself,

On your marks get set....Shop!

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Tenkay's Anyone?

Ok So apart from Kristen's go to converse the next thing she reaches for is her Nike Tenkay's in Black, if like some other lovely people I know have been hunting these like it's your last meal then fear not KStew's You can get them on e-bay right now!

Here's the link & You can thank me later!

Now before all of you run and get your hopes up I am gonna warn you this seller is only selling them in US 6 & US 6.5 but there are other sellers that are also selling them right now on ebay in high top and lows

Let me know in the comments if there's anything your lovely paws are trying to get hold of and I'll do some digging for ya!

Until Next Time!

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Let's Start With An Oldie But A Goodie

Ok as I'm sure if you're a fan of Kristen's or you just have closet envy for her clothes then I'm sure you've seen the heavily coveted EC Star : Nuns With Guns Hoodie (Or The Nuns Hoodie As Kris Calls It)

Unfortunately unless you find some insane person who happens to be selling the original on the internet machine's greatest gift called EBay then you're not gonna have any luck getting one .

Now Wait! Before you ask me what the fuck I'm mentioning it for if you can't get it there is a replica that you can get online at the moment, if like any die hard fan in need of this hoodie it may not be exactly what you're after but we'll take what were given, right?!

Go check out this beauty now and let me know what you think, are you foaming at the mouth for it or are you gonna wait for an eBay find?

Stick Around Next Post Coming Soon!

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Well Hello There!


So I thought it was about time that I actually started a new Blog, this is going to be all about Kristen Stewarts closet, items she's worn where you can get it from and where you can find a cheaper/replica version.

Stick around if you have KStew Closet envy and please keep your drooling to a minimum, I know it's hard!

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