Saturday, 30 June 2012

Grey Tank Anyone?

Hey Kstew's!

I'm back with another find for you, recently our girl has been wearing a grey deep cut tank (think back to cute times in Aussie) she wore a Victoria Secret black basic bra which I'll pic down below, but the reason I called you here is for the tank!

An awesome gem of a site called
Http:// has the tank!

It's not the cheapest and if your cool without having the exact style then a normal basic grey target type tank will suffice but if you love the real deal here it is!

Pics below : bra first then Kris wearing the tank.

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Until next time!


  1. hey do you know where to get the wkshp tank in europe?
    I don't want to buy it from an us online shop cause I don't want to pay the expensive shipping and taxes :P

  2. Unfortunately you can only get the exact one from the US it sucks since im currently living in the UK atm too, the only thing I can suggest is to search in eBay or on google for grey deep cut tank and see what you can find its a fairly simple top thank god lol!