Friday, 29 June 2012

A Weird But Interesting Find?

Hey Guys!

So I'm sure all of your angel faces would have seen our girls new Ad for Balenciaga now what you may not have noticed is the shoes she has on (I know the dress is rather distracting, I'll forgive you). Kris is wearing Balenciaga Fall 2012 Cut Out boots now they're quite an acquired taste but if your into cut out shoes and a bit of edge these are your boots! As with anything that's remotely worth having they come with another kick in the face price tag at $1275! Like the Balenciaga motorcycle jacket I'm sure if you spotted these babies your heavily depressed by now.

Don't cry into your KStew closet yet guys I did manage to find a pretty good replica that suffices really well with only a fraction of the price tag!

I know, I know it's not the same but until then these are hopefully your new friends

Below you'll find the Balenciaga's & The inspired ones, enjoy! (real ones first, inspired on the bottom)

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